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missed call – our maiden film:

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’, a poignant tribute to the passionate young men and women who dream of putting their stories on celluloid. Set against an urban backdrop, the film deals with a young man’s obsession with his camera and his dream of making a film.

The protagonist a 20-something Gaurav Sengupta is obsessed with the idea of capturing every moment in life on celluloid and the narrative is seen through the eye of the camera as Gaurav journeys from joy to despair, from hope to frustration, from love to lust. His father, Arindam Kumar Sengupta, is a respected figure in the corporate world. A conservative alpha male, he has chalked out plans for Gaurav to pursue a management degree much against his son’s own wishes.

After a painful breakup with his girlfriend Anchal Tolani(daughter of film producer KK Tolani) Gaurav finds love in Gayatri who admires and respects his passion for filmmaking but inevitably expects a relationship sans his passion for the camera, pushing him into a vortex of emotional and psychological turmoil. In desperation, he decides to commit suicide but then the idea to make a film on his own life rather than ending it strikes him.

‘Missed Call’ explores the angst of a young, passionate filmmaker who is ready to sacrifice everything in order to pursue his burning desire to transform every moment of real life into reel life. The intricately knitted plot follows one man’s journey whose creative freedom is straitjacketed by social and moral obligations, capturing the dilemma of a passionate filmmaker which can only be solved by a unanimous acceptance of his passion for films by his friends and family.

awards and recognition:

Just like the protagonist of the film craving for acceptance of his craft, poetic justice was done when the film was unanimously received by the critics as well as audiences, garnering many international and domestic awards. Besides representing India at the coveted Cannes Film Festival, the film’s success was marked by an extreme state of exaltation by the critics. Here are some of the blurbs that featured across media channels:

“I had seen Missed Call and immediately knew that this is a different type of movie which needs wider exposure. I am glad that the jury unanimously decided upon making it the inaugural film of the Panorama section. Now MISSED CALL is achieving higher and higher positions in the international festival circle. Well done Mridul and Subramanian. Congratulations.” George Matthew ( Jury Member, IFFI )

“Strikingly original and darkly humorous, MISSED CALL is told in a captivating, vérité style that makes this directorial debut a must see for independent film aficionados worldwide. It boasts delightfully realistic performances and witty writing that capture the passion, pain and promise of urban youth navigating the rocky road toward adulthood.” ─ IFFLA Los Angeles

“Like its plot, its appeal lies in the fact that it negates all convention and tries to break free. The humour is fresh and intelligent. Don’t we know of so any youngsters who are dying to break free? Here’s to
them and their soaring spirit…”
─ Nikhat Kazmi (Times of India Delhi).

a few days MORE… our second film

After a successful international debut with Missed Call, reelism’s second film A few days MORE… was a documentary that explores the universe of Cancer Treatment, probing lesser known alternative treatments and devising meaningful ways to deal with life limiting diseases like Cancer.

The film tells of the story of a family putting up a spirited fight to save a loved one who is diagnosed with brain cancer. The physical reality of the story throws light on the psychological, financial and emotional trauma that the family faces in dealing with the slow disintegration into death of a beloved family member.

The undercurrent of the story is a social commentary on modern day technology-overloaded cancer management systems and the differential attitude of medical fraternity towards less glamorous and more humane practice like Palliative care that aims at not only treating the disease but also the diseased. Palliative care focuses on treating a cancer patient and the aggrieved family at an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, thereby providing a more meaningful and holistic treatment during the last days of the terminally ill patient.

The film is a research project that probes current practices in the treatment of cancer. Despite the billions of dollars spent on advancing technology and research for cancer treatment, the costly experiments have hardly benefitted the common man in fighting the disease. The growing number of cancer cases being reported everyday and the cost of cancer drugs increasing continuously has provided a huge business opportunity to the medical and the pharmaceutical fraternity to make more money out of the sufferings and pain of hapless millions around the world.

The film successfully conveys the message of focusing more on economical and humane medical practices, which are not getting due recognition. Inspired by a true story narrated to him by a friend, the writer-director of A few days MORE… tells a gripping story of pain, suffering and contempt with documentary precision. The film advocates the usage of more humane and affordable treatment for cancer and also questions the expensive treatment and overall indifference of the medicine and pharmaceutical fraternity towards less glamorous treatments.

Our next film “The Elite Neighbourhood” is a unique story- an expedition to make heritage economically and environmentally relevant in today’s world of mushrooming skyscrapers!

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missed call - our maiden film

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’

missed call

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film 'Missed Call'

A few days MORE... our second film

After a successful international debut with Missed Call, reelism’s second film A few days MORE

Oorjaa Presentation

The Elite Neighbourhood!

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