oorjaa - the art & science of cause (CSR) branding

reelism films is exclusively committed to making documentaries and cause (CSR)-based films.

Creating social impact through effective cause (CSR) branding improves organizational reputation, enhances customer loyalty, builds employee morale and cements relationships with key stakeholders.

reelism partners organizations to embrace their ‘socially aligned business initiatives’ to create a sustainable impact. These are long term, multi-dimension strategies in which a company commits to a key issue to drive social change while taking forward its business objectives.

Cause Branding is a sustained long term association with a cause that the organization supports, via internal and external programs. It is a true branding endeavor to align a cause and a brand’s support for that cause in the consumers’ mind, thereby building long term loyalties.

oorjaa is the reelism’s proprietory  service  for cause (CSR) branding and specializes in conceiving, designing, developing and executing a customized cause branding program for companies, celebrities, institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

missed call –
our maiden film

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’

missed call promo

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’

A few days MORE… our second film

After a successful international debut with Missed Call, reelism’s second film A few days MORE

Oorjaa Presentation

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