I don’t miss him


Credits :
Title : I don’t miss him.
Language : English/Hindi/Kannada
Subtitle :English/Kannada
Duration : 66 :30 min
Sound : Stereo
Director: OP Srivastava
Editor: Irene Dhar Malik
Cinematography: BR Viswanath
Sound Recording: Krishna Murthy
Sound Design: Piyush Shah
Colour & DI : Anindya S Ray
Background Music : Devraj Bhaumik
Producer Reeelism Films, Mumbai
Publicity Design: Devyani Arya
Contact : reelismfilms@gmail.com; +919819812473

‘I don’t miss him’ is the story of a daughter, who fought a battle for more than 10 years , succeeded at times, but eventually failed to save her father from a monster disease called Alzheimer’s. As a specialist in Medicine & Geriatrics, Dr Prabha Adhikari, did everything which was medically and humanly possible to save her father from the deadly disease. The film is the story of her personal journey as a daughter and a medical specialist.

The film tries to demystify the complexities of the monster disease juxtaposed with the missing neurons , misplaced orientation, fading memories, diminishing cognition, and deteriorating vascular functioning of the human body.

The film also tries to educate the audience in understanding the serious challenges that lie ahead of us as the number of people being affected by this disease is steadily growing with the increasing percentage of elderly in our population.

The film also explores the role of the family and the caregivers and helps them to understand the symptoms, diagnosis, progression, medication, post-affliction care and the preventive strategies etc. In a way , the film provides knowledge, compassion and inspiration to the viewers to deal with this deadly disease called Alzheimer’s.

In short, ‘I don’t miss him’ is a film, which tries to creatively blend a medical script into a human interest story, taking the message to the hearts and minds of the audience.

An eye-opener for a common person- the young, the aging and the aged, the film intends to change the viewer’s perspective about aging in today’s hyper-active world.


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