Branding, Films and Corporate Social Responsibility


Cinema is about a language of change. Cinema is about choice, narrative, technology and representation. Cinema is about aesthetics and politics. Cinema is about visuals and voices from the margins. Cinema is about knowledge and revelation. Cinema is about conversations between films, filmmakers and the masses.

In today’s highly competitive market place it has become necessary for the companies to continuously find new and less intrusive ways of increasing brand equity and its sustainability.

CSR branding or Cause branding as it is popoularly known, is the new strategy for the brand managers to enhance the brand image and make it more acceptable & respectable for the consumers at large.

In today’s digital era, when social media has become a game changer, a company’s CSR objectives can be effectively achieved by communicating the Cause advocacy through the medium of digital cinema using various social and digital media platforms.

Films aesthetically crafted and creatively constructed with brand attributes can become a powerful tool for “brand enrichment”. Strategically positioned and well- researched films based on real life stories of social change agents and cause champions , if taken to the public at large can create a huge positive appeal for the sponsoring brand.

Such stories disseminated through electronic mass media can create empowerment of the common man and induce positive change in the social-eco system as well.

Cause-related branding or the CSR branding is the need of the hour for marketing professionals in retail companies worldwide.

Research has established that CSR branding strategy helps to enhance the sustainability quotient of the brand with the consumers at a much deeper level. In fact, it helps the brand in commanding a premium in the market.

The cinematic content can be highly customized depending on the need, positioning and the target stakeholder community.

This is a specialized genre of film making which requires not only the expertise of a filmmaker but also a passion for the cause. Cause related filmmaking is fast becoming a powerful tool for producing branded content for major brands world over. It requires working with NGOs, change agents, researchers, brand managers, social activits,philanthropists, journalists, film writers and the filmmakers. Putting all the pieces together requires hard work, creativity and passion. But then filmmaking is all about passion only!

At “Oorjaa” we believe that ‘cinema for a cause’ is a very effective communication tool, which can be used by the corporate sector to enhance their brand equity aligned with thir CSR objectives.


Films so far:
1. A few days MORE ( Cause : Cancer awareness/Palliative care )
2. The Elite Neighborhood ( Cause : Heritage & Ecology )
3. Shortcut Safari (Cause : Environment )
4. Colours of Life (Cause : Art & Culture)-under production
5. Courtyards, Jaalis, Pergolas etc (Cause: Sustainable Architecture)
6.Mangalachar ( Cause :Women Empowerment );
OP Srivastava; 09819812473



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missed call - our maiden film

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’

missed call

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film 'Missed Call'

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After a successful international debut with Missed Call, reelism’s second film A few days MORE

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