YKT Mumbai

Sunday, 25 September, 2016

YKT, Mumbai explores the life behind the stage performances and takes the audience into the wolrd of one such group of passionate Yakshagana performers with an urge to ascertain what drives them to keep this ancient performing art alive and vibrating in an urban concrete cosmopolis like Mumbai.

The film follows the narrative structure of a popular Yakshagana performance (prasanga) and intercuts in between to reveal the backstage activities and the life beyond. It makes an attempt to bring to the force the ground realities of the lives of the ‘people’ behind these colorful characters and tries to seek insights into their personal journeys and unmask the reasons for their love for Yakshagana. The film also tries to explore the dynamics of putting up these stage shows in a Mechanical Metropolis like Mumbai, where performing art forms are gradually being pushed to the sidelines due to the onslaught of growing digital media mass media.






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Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

Cinema has the power to affect both our perception of the world and the mood we are in. Movies are larger than life, they can affect us emotionally and they can touch us deeply.Powerful emotions can be evoked or unleashed by watching a movie or television show.

Sometimes it is easier to cry watching a movie or television show, yet near impossible to weep in real life. Long burried emotional experience and repressed memories can bubble up to the surface as we sit in a darkened movie theatre or in the privacy of our home , where others cannot see us weep. This phenomenon is called catharsis or emotional cleansing.

Cinema therapy is a self-help tool that allows the viewer to introspect and do self-analysis and make peace with one’s inner conflicts by watching select movies. When we watch a movie we contemplate the story and the visuals, the dialogues, the music, the experience and all this grabs hold of our senses powerfully and helps in cleansing our mind & soul and may be raise our consciuosness. This is what happens in psychology and cinema can do it as well.

There are different types of cinema therapy like Popcorn cinema, Evocative cinema, Cathartic cinema and so on. Popcorn or entertainment cinema results in emotional release. Evocative cinema therapy helps individuals connect with story lines and the characters. Cathartic cinema therapy helps a person to treat depression and is mainly used in the early stage of psychotherapy.

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Branding, Films and Corporate Social Responsibility

Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

Cinema is about a language of change. Cinema is about choice, narrative, technology and representation. Cinema is about aesthetics and politics. Cinema is about visuals and voices from the margins. Cinema is about knowledge and revelation. Cinema is about conversations between films, filmmakers and the masses.

In today’s highly competitive market place it has become necessary for the companies to continuously find new and less intrusive ways of increasing brand equity and its sustainability.

CSR branding or Cause branding as it is popoularly known, is the new strategy for the brand managers to enhance the brand image and make it more acceptable & respectable for the consumers at large.

In today’s digital era, when social media has become a game changer, a company’s CSR objectives can be effectively achieved by communicating the Cause advocacy through the medium of digital cinema using various social and digital media platforms.

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missed call - our maiden film

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’

missed call

reelism films came into existence with the maiden film 'Missed Call'

A few days MORE... our second film

After a successful international debut with Missed Call, reelism’s second film A few days MORE

Oorjaa Presentation

The Elite Neighbourhood!

Man from Malnad

we offer



reelism films private limited,

Office :A-402,Fairlink Centre,

Andheri Link Road, Andheri ( west ),

Mumbai 400053




A-1502, Beverly Park Society,

Plot No 20, Sector 6, Nerul,

Navi Mumbai 400707