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EmailThe documentary tries to unravel the multi-layered texture of India's social fabric as seen through the films of GirishKasaravalli.

Email A few days MORE is our documentary film - a documentary that explores the universe of Cancer Treatment, probing lesser known alternative treatments and devising meaningful ways to deal with life limiting diseases like Cancer.

Email reelism films came into existence with the maiden film ‘Missed Call’, a poignant tribute to the passionate young men and women who dream of putting their stories on celluloid. Set against an urban backdrop, the film deals with a young man's obsession with his camera and his dream of making a film.


oorjaa is the reelism’s proprietory service for cause (CSR) branding and specializes in conceiving, designing, developing and executing a customized cause (CSR) branding program for companies, celebrities, institutions and not-for-profit organizations.


Our philosophy is built around the idea of e-motion (emotion in motion) which can be understood as an expression, through the medium of films, of the socially responsible face of an organisation, in an emotionally compelling way so as to connect to the stakeholders at a deeper level, thereby building a sustainable relationship and brand recall.

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